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Experience Art Quest: The Creative Seeker
An Art Improvement RPG

Art Quest is the revolutionary art improvement RPG that puts YOU in control of your own creative improvement. Create an avatar character, meet NPCs, complete quests, and level up your skill!

Art Quest The Creative Seeker Includes:

-The Creative Seeker Digital Workbook

-An engaging story about seeking creativity and personal improvement

-RPG digital Booklet, scorecard, and Tools

-8 Main quests to help you build a schedule for your work, and begin a personal project

-13 Villager Job Board Quests to help push your technical skills

-Nik's most current and up-to-date Photoshop Brushes

-Exclusive links to the Art Quest Discord and Facebook Groups

Art Quest The Creative Seeker


Become the Art Warrior you were meant to be by playing through this interactive Art RPG! Art Quest is designed to help you improve your art through a structured series of quests you must partake. Design your character avatar, meet NPCs along your journey, and level up by fulfilling assignments aimed at building a foundation for your art improvement journey! Find more information HERE

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