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is something "off" with your figures, but you don't know what?
this course will help you fix that.

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improve your figure drawing & painting in a practical way

I will break down the figure in an easy to understand way, and show you my 5 step process for painting excellent figures

concise explanation of each step filled with tips and tricks 

The hour long video course is filled with tips and strategies to help you easily understand how to overcome your drawing / painting hurdles

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master your fundamentals to paint with confidence

I'll show you WHY things work the way they do so you can go on to paint

any figure

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you'll facepalm and go "ohhhhh... that's what I was doing wrong"


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i'm bringing my 10+ years professional experience to you

Hey Art Friend!

I've realized that becoming AMAZING at figures doesn't need to be so hard. After working with countless mentees and artists in my Discord Server, I have found a simple way of showing how to improve their figures just by thinking differently.

I built my career by knowing how to paint excellent figures, and I want to show you how!



CLIENTS / projects

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I'll show you a complete 5-step process that you can  easily apply

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check out this clip
from the course!

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You'll also get access to my

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  • How will this help me?
    I have built my career on drawing / painting beautiful figures, and in the process, have worked with 100's of artists improve their work. Through this I have learned how to explain shapes, lighting, color, etc. in a simple to understand way. So, besides showing you how to break down a figure in a simple way, I will also be working directly with you and giving you feedback on your drawings / paintings during the event.
  • How will the figure drawing event work?
    Once you have joined the program, you will be given a link to my Artist Discord Server, Art Broz, where we will host the event. I will be doing a live video call with everyone who has joined, and we will all be drawing / painting together. We will take breaks throughout the 4 hour session to do live critiques of your work and answer questions, and we will finish the session with a completed and detailed figure drawing piece. At the end, I will give you an assignment that you can submit to me later for review and critique.
  • What do I need to participate in the workshop?
    You will need access to the internet, and will need to make a Discord account to participate in the live call. Besides that, just bring yourself and your drawing / painting medium of choice! You can feel free to work digitally or traditionally.
  • Do I need to draw / paint digitally?
    I will be working digitally during the workshop, but you can feel free to work with traditional mediums if you wish. I make sure my instructions will benefit any artist looking to improve their figure drawing.
  • Will we be working with a live model?
    For ease of use, and for the time we will be spending during the workshop, we will be working with photo reference during the event. This is the most applicable (and quick) way for an artist today to improve their figure drawing, so I want to make the education as practical as possible.
  • Will I have the opportunity to get feedback from you?
    YES! The entire point of this is so that I can work directly with you, and help you improve what you are specifically struggling with in your figure drawing. I will be doing live critiques, answering questions, and assigning a "homework" assignment at the end so that you can get as much information directly out of me as you can.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Because this is a live event, I must insist that you clear your schedule for the day of the event, and make sure that time slot works for you. Because I have limited slots available and you are committing to a slot by signing up, I do not offer refunds.

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