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I'll help you quit your boring office job and pursue art full-time

check out this snippet from the introductory video

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let's face it...
they didn't teach you this stuff in art school

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a path to make money and kickstart your career

Grow your personal brand, learn how to increase your income, and make a living from your art

8.5 hours of content through 25 videos

Learn how to break into the entertainment industry, and treat your career like a business

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21 assignments to help you pursue your passion

Work through practical assignments to help you build a portfolio, get commissions, send a job application, or start a new project

Exclusive access to the discord GROUP 


Join an exclusive channel in my Art broZ Discord Server, giving you access to a network of other artists

I'll work with you 1 on 1
includes a 30 minute 1 on 1 strategy session to discuss goals and a game plan for your future growth!!!

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i'll show you how to get work, even if you don't feel ready

Hey Art Friend!

After years of working with mentees and helping other artists through my Discord and Art broZ brand, I decided to make a course that will help push YOU in the right direction with your career. If you are looking to make art your full time thing, then this course is for you!



This course will unlock the secrets to breaking the "Starving Artist" stereotype

CLIENTS / projects

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this is not another drawing course.

there are seriously hundreds of those out there... I teach you how to take yourself and your career seriously.


Part 1 - Realizing Your Ambition

01 - Welcome!

02 - The Artist's Triforce

03 - Don't Worry About "Breaking In"

04 - Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

05 - Figuring Out What you Really Want To Do

06 - Book Recommendations

Part 2 - Preparation

07 - Investing In Yourself

08 - Creating a Schedule You Can Stick To

09 - Creating a Killer Portfolio

10 - Storytelling and Personal Projects

11 - Turning Yourself Into A Brand

12 - Leveraging Social media

13 - Making Connections, Networking, and Art Friends

14 - When Am I Ready For Paid Work?

15 - How To Price Your Work

16 - What Are Employers Looking For?

Part 3 - Execution

17 - Executing a Success Plan

18 - How to Get Work, Even If You Don't Feel Ready

19 - How to Keep Work Consistent

20 - Accounting, Taxes, and Finances

21 - Courage to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

22 - Website / Product or Side Hustle 1

23 - Website / Product or Side Hustle 2

24 - Website / Product or Side Hustle 3

25 - Great Work!

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bonus included!!!

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a $50 value!

11 extra resources to
help you stay organized so you can spend more time creating 


  • Does Launch Your Art Career include any 1 on 1 time with you?

    • Yes! Upon signing up for the course, you can schedule your 30 minute strategy call with me. I perform calls via Discord (click HERE to join my Art broZ server). If you are looking for a full 1 on 1 Mentorship Program with me click HERE.​

  • Is this a "how to draw" or "how to paint" course?

    • In this course I focus on  teaching you to how manage your Art Career like a business. This course is more akin to a business course, focusing on how to prepare for and obtain work as an artist.

  • Are there any guaranteed results from this course?

    • No. All of the advice and information that I am giving in this course is from my own experiences. All results are dependent on your own commitment to growing your career.

  • What skill level should I be to join Launch Your Art Career?

    • This course is for any artist looking to get paid for what they're producing. You should have a basic knowledge of art fundamentals, as much of this course will focus on utilizing the skills you have now to begin pursuing paid work, and promoting your art.

  • What tools do I need to complete Launch Your Art Career?

    • You will need to be able to access the internet to watch the videos online. Other than that, just a pen and paper to take notes.

  • Is this a monthly subscription?

    • No! This is a one time fee, and you will then always have access to the videos and the Discord channel 

  • Do you offer any refunds?

    • By purchasing my course, you are committing to investing in yourself and taking your career seriously. Because of this commitment and the exclusive tools and resources that will be given upon purchase all sales are final.​

  • I have another question, how do I contact you?

    • Feel free to send me a question by filling out this form HERE.



Thanks for submitting!

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