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Experience Parts 1 & 2 and the Prequel Chapter of Art Quest: The Art Improvement RPG


This bundle comes with:

-Both Art Quest part 1 (portfolio building and art improvement strategies), Art Quest: Creature of the Deep (design a Boss Concept for Video Games Course) digital workbooks, and Art Quest: The Creative Seeker (create a personal project and develop habits for continued success)

-Nik's most current and up-to-date Photoshop Brushes

-Exclusive access to the Art Quest Discord and Facebook Groups where we host continued Event Quests

-All supplemental and step by step materials from each Art Quest adventures

Art Quest The Complete Adventure


Become the Art Warrior you were meant to be by playing through this interactive Art RPG! Art Quest is designed to help you improve your art through a structured series of quests you must partake. Design your character avatar, meet NPCs along your journey, and level up by fulfilling assignments aimed at building your technical skill, and your portfolio! Find more information HERE.

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