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How To Improve Your Digital Art

5 Tips for getting over your Art Plateau!

Character concept art of female figure djinn by Nik Hagialas

With all of the information out there on “how to get better at art” it can be difficult to decipher where to begin. Looking through a website like ArtStation can also sometimes be a daunting task when you are an artist trying to improve. Thankfully I have you covered!

Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned over my professional career, as well as through teaching my mentees to help improve your digital art!

Illustration of woman in fantasy pool of water - by Nik Hagialas

Tip #1 -Start by drawing / painting what you love

The best way to get ahead with your art is to really find what you love to work on! It’s definitely important as you improve to branch out to different subjects, techniques, and mediums (3D is a big one to learn!), but when you’re starting your art improvement journey, it’s extremely important to draw what you love.

A big part of improving is learning how to be patient and accepting the struggle. It will be that much easier to sit there hours on end if you are at least working on something that interests you! A good exercise is to look through previous sketchbooks and artworks, and see what you naturally gravitate towards. Is it a specific subject matter, mood, or genre? Becoming a master in a specific area is a great way to help you stand out!

Tip #2 - Learn the fundamentals

This might sound obvious but mastering your fundamentals are one of the most important aspects of growing as an artist! Once you understand HOW things work, it becomes much easier to pull that knowledge from your imagination, and create really anything you want.

From what I’ve seen from my mentees, as well as my Discord Members who participate in our monthly challenges, the biggest fundamentals that generally need improvement are form and perspective. Both form and perspective have to do with making an image appear 3D, so stu