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An Ongoing Art Improvement Game

Join an ongoing Art improvement game in discord!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Early Access Tier

    For you awesome supporters!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access To "Art Quest World" for 3 months free!
  • Serf Tier

    Every month
    My Thanks for Helping Support Art Quest and the Discord
    • A special "Supporter" role in the Discord
  • Knight Tier

    Every month
    "Art Quest World" access
    • Access to "Art Quest World"
    • A special Role in the Discord
  • Lord Tier

    Every month
    The Ultimate Supporter Role
    • Access To "Art Quest World"
    • A special "Ultimate Supporter Role"
    • A monthly shoutout as a supporter in the Discord each month

All subscriptions are non-refundable, but you can cancel at any time.

how it works

join and get access to the special discord channel


The "Art Quest World" channel in my ArtbroZ Discord Server is where you will play!

Earn Gold daily or by participating in challenges


Acquire gold to redeem for amazing art improvement rewards!

purchase rewards and start improving today!


Rewards will be updated monthly. See below for examples of what you can earn!

Reward Examples

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